About Founder

Prior to founding NirvaMed, Pramote was in a senior-level technical position at Boston Scientific, Cardiac Rhythm Management, for four years. During his tenure, he led several high-impact projects, ranged from concept to product development, and supervised and mentored scientists and engineers.

In the process of founding NirvaMed, Pramote has built an informal business advisory team that is composed of seasoned med-tech entrepreneurs, senior executive, and investors, as well as the clinical advisory team with internationally-recognized thought leaders in cardiology from both academic and private practice communities. These advisors will play the key role in guiding NirvaMed’s development. Quickly recognized in the local med-tech community, Pramote’s leadership brought NirvaMed as the finalist of both state-level Minnesota and Wisconsin business plan contests in the first year. Pramote also founded a social group called “First Timers” to help support and educate first-time entrepreneurs, which grew membership to more than 30 in a few months and drawn support from both private and public sectors. In additional to medical device, Pramote is also active in community services and regularly holds leadership positions in those organizations.

Pramote received his M.D. from Siriraj Hospital, the top medical school in Thailand, and his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from The Artificial Heart program at Penn State University.

Pramote had developed high-accuracy quantitative flow diagnostics and in-vitro flow simulation for cardiovascular research, and also won international research grants to study mechanism of arterial plaque formation. At Boston Scientifics, he initiated and developed new technologies on arrhythmia detection and heart failure monitoring, and complete archive of human vascular anatomical variation for product development. As a trained physician and experience scientist, Pramote has a deep understanding of clinical cardiology, and a hand-on experience in both acute and chronic animal studies, and published and presented in peer-reviewed international scientific journals and conferences.


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